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Your Lawyers My Portal (YLMP)

Your Lawyers My Portal (YLMP) allows you to provide us with the necessary documentation and information to progress your claim quickly and efficiently. It also allows us to send confidential documentation to you for your approval and signature.

Your username and password will have been provided by email. If you have, however, not received this email please contact us.

Your Lawyers My Portal


After logging into My Portal please click on the orange tile in order to access SecureDoc. Within SecureDocs you will find any correspondence sent to you.

Typically this will include a letter which requires your urgent attention, an Emissions Questionnaire and/or a Schedule of Information for completion and signature.

Questionnaires and your Schedule of Information will be sent as PDF documents which can be edited by you. Once you are happy with the document you can use the accept document button at the bottom of the page following which you will be given the option to type or draw your signature.

You can access the Your Lawyers My Portal here:


Emissions Questionnaire

The questionnaire requests that you verify the accuracy of the information that we already hold about your claim and to obtain missing information (if any). Please note where we ask for your full name, we do require your full unabbreviated name including your title and all middle names. If you have not already provided your full unabbreviated full name please do so via the questionnaire. In relation to the question regarding your address, we request that you provide/confirm your current address as opposed to the address you had at the time you purchased your vehicle.

The questionnaire is crucial in your case. It ensures that we have all the information we need to allow you to join the action and to allow us to maximise the money we recover for you.

Document Uploader

We will ask you to provide documentation in support of your claim and any outstanding documents will be listed in the letter found within SecureDocs. The easiest way to send these documents to us is by using the red tile. Once uploaded the documents be added directly to your file.

The documents that we require include:

  • A copy of the V5C/logbook
  • A copy of the purchase/lease invoice for the vehicle
  • A copy of the finance agreement for the vehicle (if applicable)
  • A copy of the lease agreement for the vehicle (if applicable)


Occasionally we will ask that you provide information by using a Webform. These will show on your My Portal account as a purple tile. After the Webform is completed it will be removed from My Portal automatically, although this can take up to a minute to take effect.

We will let you know of any Webforms as they’re made available however if you do see a purple tile at any stage of your claim this generally indicates that the information is outstanding and should be completed at your earliest convenience.

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