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Your Lawyers My Portal (YLMP)

Your Lawyers My Portal (YLMP) allows you to provide us with the necessary documentation and information to progress your claim quickly and efficiently. It also allows us to send confidential documentation to you for your approval and signature.

Your username and password will have been provided by email. If you have, however, not received this email please contact us.

Your Lawyers My Portal

Confidential Schedule of Information (CSOI)

The purpose of the CSOI allows us to particularise your individual claim to the Defendant The completion of the CSOI is a requirement for being included within the Group Register. It is therefore important that you complete the CSOI as fully and accurately as possible.

Firstly please complete section A which contains your personal and vehicle information. You will note that Question 12 asks in which capacity the Claimant claims and you will be presented with four options.

If you used finance or leased the vehicle then you will be considered a lessee otherwise you would be an owner. If you have since returned or sold the vehicle then please choose the option which begins “Former” as set out in the table below.

You can access the Your Lawyers My Portal here:



Vehicle still in your possession Vehicle sold or returned
Used finance or leased Lessee Former Lessee
Purchased outright/credit card/loan etc. Owner Former Owner

Section B (questions 14-18) should only be completed if you selected Owner/Former Owner in question 12.

Section C (questions 19-21) should only be completed if you selected Lessee/Former Lessee in question 12.

Section D (questions 22-24) should only be completed if you answered No to question 13.

Section E is completed by pressing the Accept Document button at the bottom of the page.

Statement of Truth

Please do carefully read through the CSOI to ensure that it is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge. When signing a Statement of Truth, you are confirming that you have an honest belief in the truth of the content of statement/document being verified.

Should you sign a Statement of Truth without such an honest belief in the truthfulness of the statement, proceedings for contempt of court may be carried out against you. If you are found to be in contempt of court, you may be subject to a fine and/or imprisonment.

It is therefore vital that you only sign this statement if you have an honest belief that the contents are true and accurate.

If the Schedule does contain inaccuracies, please make your amendments directly on the Schedule before clicking to accept the document.

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