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Exciting career opportunities at Your Lawyers.

A partnership empowering you

We're a real UK law firm, a leading name in consumer actions and data breach cases. We're unlike other firms, and we're a success-driven organisation.

Our employees are vital - our firm is our staff. The whole firm works together to advance the interests of our clients in the best way possible and in the friendliest way we can.

Our staff can benefit from the engaging and emerging areas of law, seeing our work set precedents in our industry.

Legal Assistants / Fee Earners

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Graduate Opportunities

Graduate Opportunities

Legal Assistants/Fee Earners

Legal Assistants/Fee Earners

  • Legal Assistants/Fee Earners
    (No experience necessary)
  • Group Litigation Assistant
  • Group Litigation Fee Earner


New Claims Team

New Claims Team





  • Group Litigation
  • Medical Negligence
  • Personal Injury
  • Privacy and Data
  • Serious Injury/Senior Litigators

Your Lawyers in a nutshell

What we do

We’re a real UK law firm, a leading name in consumer actions and data breach cases. We’re unlike other firms, and we’re a success-driven organisation. The key thing we ask our employees is to work hard and share our vision, and we can reward you in turn.

Our key areas of practice include:

  • Data protection and privacy compensation
  • Personal injury, including medical and dental negligence, and catastrophic injury cases
  • Group action litigation, from medical product scandals (e.g. PIP implants claims and vaginal and hernia mesh claims) to “Dieselgate” emissions cases and cyberattack compensation actions
Never back down

Where other firms failed, we excelled. This is not about bragging, but about our ethos in fighting tooth and nail for our clients. Where other firms discontinued claims, we settled actions. Where other firms settled quick and cheap, we recovered much more in damages for our clients. Where other firms failed to make cases successful for the business, we have.

We’re not like other firms

We have always believed in working our own way, which is how we have grown into the profitable, stable firm we are today. We work differently to make sure our work can benefit not only our clients but also our business model, which benefits our employees.

We’re no “London City law firm”, yet we successfully take on some of the biggest companies and law firms in the world. There is a reason for our success: it’s nothing to do with where we are in the world, but about how we do it and who does it with us.

Pioneering and innovative approach

We invented the compensation calculator. We were one of the first UK law firms specialising in privacy claims, our work in this niche and complex area of law dating back to 2014. We have fought for justice for those affected by infamous events, from the 2015 56 Dean Street Clinic HIV leak to the 2018 British Airways cyberattacks and beyond, launching over 60 group/multi-party actions on behalf of thousands of clients to date.

We were the first firm in England to initiate High Court proceedings against Volkswagen over the “Dieselgate” scandal in January 2016.

Where we go, others often follow. We’re proud of our success and proud to have been at the beginning of many emerging actions and areas of law, something our staff hugely benefit from.

Consumer Action Solicitors
We care about what we do

We care about what we do to make sure we can benefit our clients in the best way possible. We’re not about quick bucks and cheap settlements, we’re about fighting tooth and nail to make sure our clients maximise the compensation they’re entitled to receive.

We’re firmly committed to access to justice, providing genuine No Win, No Fee promises with Conditional Fee Agreement models that protect our clients’ damages if the case succeeds.

Our clients’ claims are more than just cases, they are our cause. We want our staff to get on board with this ethos.

A partnership empowering you

Our employees are vital – our firm is our staff. The whole firm works together to advance the interests of our clients in the best way possible and in the friendliest way we can. Our staff can benefit from the engaging and emerging areas of law, seeing our work set precedents in our industry.

We’re quick to seize new opportunities in civil law, empowering our employees with fresh work and new and exciting challenges. Together, we can then push to make new areas of business a real success, as we have done for many years.

We can provide comprehensive training and we never shy away from 360-degree feedback – we’re all working together, after all.

Support for you

We recognise the importance of our employees as the lifeblood of our organisation. Your Lawyers can offer a range of benefits and support to make sure our staff are happy in the engaging work they take part in.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits include increasing holidays in return for length of service, generous bonus opportunities for hard-working staff, and competitive rates of basic pay.

Sponsorship For Qualifications

Many of our employees have benefited from sponsorships for ILEX, FILEX, and CILEX, and we can offer sponsorships for training contracts.

Specialist Knowledge

Our senior legal team has a wealth of experience between them, which benefits not only our clients but also our staff as they move their careers forward with us and learn from some of the best in the business.

Flexible Working

We love to provide the best service we can for our clients, which is why we can open seven days a week, with our office hours during the week being from 9am to 10pm in the evening on most weekdays. This allows our staff to engage in flexible working hours given the times our office is open.

Opportunities To Progress

There are many opportunities to progress with Your Lawyers who have grown fast over the last decade. Ask our staff who were there in the early days and have now progressed to senior roles in the management team and in the various senior legal roles.

We’re keen to ensure there is always a return on investment in the employees who work for us. If you work hard and are committed to us, we are committed to rewarding you and offering you opportunities to progress with your career.

Rewarding Ambition
Rewarding ambition, offering success

One of the real focuses for us is our desire to retain staff and watch them grow through our organisation. We value career progression and the ambition our team has to excel. We can support people who are success-driven and have a real passion for long-term advancement. The ball is totally in your court – if you have the motivation to excel then we have the opportunities to grow with us.

A workplace for everyone

We have always been a diverse workforce, committed to making sure we see the talents of the people above all else. No matter where you are from, or whether you’re a graduate looking to learn, or a senior solicitor looking to get your teeth into emerging areas of law, we want to provide a culture for all our staff to thrive.

We have flexible working hours, both part-time and full-time opportunities for those perhaps studying or needing to fit hours around childcare requirements. We can offer placements for suitable candidates, and trainees do not even need a legal background to get their foot into the door of our organisation.

We are committed to diversity, inclusivity and equal opportunities at all times.

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